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Because finding a technical co-founder
shouldn’t be the problem your startup is trying to solve.


It all started when that big idea popped into your head, I can’t believe that no one has ever done this before! you think to yourself.

In a flurry of inspirational action you do your research, ready your finances, and prepare to launch your new venture.

With everything in place, you start your search for the technical developer who will make your dream into a reality.

That’s when the nightmare begins...

You’ve looked everywhere.

You’ve gone to meetups and spoken with developers...

You’ve learned that being an unproven founder with a very strong idea about what you want is not the most appealing thing to an engineer who can build anything.

You’ve thought about outsourcing your App on sites like Upwork, but how can you trust someone a million miles away to do a good job?

And even if you decide to outsource, you’ll be forced into a management role and have to overcome major communication barriers.

How will you be able to answer their technical questions?

How can you be sure that your ideas will be communicated effectively?

You’ll need to describe exactly what needs to be done.

What’s the landscape?

What are the programming languages, databases, and API integrations?

How does it all fit together?

The median salary for a Lead Engineer in the US is over $102,000 per year.* 

*data from Payscale

Everyone says just “learn to code”, but who the heck has time for that?

After all, you know that to get this business off of the ground you’ll need to focus on the marketing, strategy, and direction...

...the business side of your business.

To do this right you need more than just code -

you need advice,


scope control,

testing, reviewing, debugging,

and continued support and maintenance after your launch.

Launching a startup on your own seems impossible.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

And that’s when your biggest fear hits you…

“What do I do now?" 

"Have I lost what could be the greatest opportunity of my life?"

"Will I have to go back to my day job?!? Ugh.”

What if you never had to worry about your big ideas going to waste?

What if building and launching your startup could be not just painless...

...but enjoyable?

What if you had a team that could help you figure out ways to grow your business?

What if launching your business was (gasp!)... fun?

What if you were free to think big because you knew exactly how to get your baby launched and out into the world?

What if...

...instead of missing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities... had a partner who was excited to help you launch your App?

Wouldn't that be awesome?

How amazing would that feel?

Imagine what you could accomplish if you weren’t worried about the technical side of your new startup. 

Honestly, how would that change your life?

The truth?

After launching numerous products over the years we can tell you…

...having your creation out there in the world is unlike anything else.

It's an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Ultimately you realize that you have the power to create something from nothing.

You’re completely self-reliant.

And you no longer have to depend on anyone else for support.

Not your family,

Not your friends,

Not your co-workers,

Not your boss.

And that is an incredible power to have…

And immensely freeing.

It feels a bit like magic to be able to know exactly what you can do to make your ideas become a reality...

not just the first time…

but every time - again and again and again.

And do it without worrying about the technical and support side of your new product.

Welcome to One From Zero.

One From Zero is unique.

We’re not an agency or matchmaking service.

Half startup studio, half product bootcamp, One From Zero provides you with a white glove, concierge “Startup as a Service” that offers complete management for early-stage software projects via our top notch Project Managers (PM) and Development Team.

We are a laser-focused service tailored to assist the non-technical founding team.

Once we begin working together, your PM will manage every aspect of your project for you top-to-bottom.

Your personal PM will connect all of the dots and take care of every little detail.

These details include providing a team based on your specific needs:



Quality Assurance Testers.

We help you launch your product

and provide support beyond your launch.

That’s why One From Zero has quickly become the premiere and trusted destination for non-technical entrepreneurs looking to build their web and mobile apps.

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Meet Your Personal Startup Assistant

Every bespoke detail is handled for you by your own dedicated Product Manager (PM).

When you apply, a PM from our team will follow up and help you with any details or questions you have.

Your PM is your personal advisor, mentor and guide throughout the development process.

During your initial meetings, you and your PM will discuss and prioritize your project objectives, your desired timeline for the project, and define an initial scope based on Agile Methodology.

Your PM will then design a project proposal for your review.

This proposal will include technical options, the estimated cost and timeline, team roles needed to deliver your project, etc.

Step 2: Done-For-You Development

What type of apps can we help you create?

Your PM will help you create your Websites and Web appsMobile appsHybrid Mobile apps…and more!

Once the project is greenlit, your PM will build and lead a team dedicated to executing the project according to plan.

Throughout development, you will have complete access to your PM and meet at least once per week via Skype or Google Hangout.

Step 3: Post-Launch Support

We love staying involved.

Your new app includes 30-days of free, post-launch bug support.

After the 30-days of free bug support, we offer two different support tiers so that you may decide what you need based on your specific situation.

One From Zero exists because software development options for small teams are terrible...

Option 1: You can learn to code

Learning to code is awesome.

Unfortunately, you can expect it to take at least 8 months before you have the confidence to try coding your own startup.

Expect another 4 months until your first attempt is live.

Can your idea afford to wait that long?

With One From Zero, you get... experienced Product Manager,

...your own experienced Team of Developers and Designers,

...every detail of your project handled for you through launch and beyond,

...and specific systems in place, ready for hockey-stick growth,

...all for slightly above what you would pay in tuition to join a popular coding bootcamp.

Option 2: You can hire freelancers, independent contractors, or a matchmaking service

When you hire a developers on your own, you’re responsible for all of the management.

For a Founder, it’s very hard to know who to get, what to have them do, and how to help them succeed.

How do you find decent engineers who can do the things you need, deliver reliably, and iterate according to ongoing testing and customer feedback?

Entrepreneurs often find that developers look good on paper but:

...quit before the project starts,

...disappear in the middle of the project,

...deliver mediocre products,

...or end engagement after delivery with no further support,

...provide no further communication,

...and no bug fixes.

We understand that the development of your app is more than just the cost of a piece of software, it's an investment in yourself.

With One From Zero you get the full support you need to build a solid foundation for your business. Top-to-bottom.

We speak the language.

When problems arise, we take care of it.

Problem solved.

Option 3: You can go to a traditional Agency or Development Shop

Let’s be real.

Most Agencies make their money by working with enterprise-level clients.

This means that their internal development process is not set up specifically for early-stage startups who are looking to build their beta app.

Since they don’t tailor their enterprise-level system to suit your needs,

you end up over-paying for things you were not expecting… charging you extra for fixes to bugs that they may have created.

...or overcharging you on the per-person, per-week rate.

...or are not interested in being a long-term team solution for you.

...or charge lower per hour rates, but over-stack the hours to make up the difference.

...or they prefer a "car mechanic” strategy. You'll pay to have one bug fixed, only to find two more new bugs that require your attention…

...and on, and on.

All of these extra fees and charges can mean disaster for a pre-launch entrepreneur on a limited budget.

All of these extra fees and charges can mean disaster for a pre-launch entrepreneur on a limited budget.

Our clients know that working with One From Zero is different than working with a traditional agencies or dev shop.

- With One From Zero, If something breaks and it's our fault, we'll fix it for you at no additional cost for the first 30 days after launch.

- We work with what you can afford, rather than forcing you into a scenario meant for much larger businesses.

- With One From Zero’s post-launch support plans, you may continue to use your new team as your full-time tech team.

- Oh, and if you ever get too big for us, we'll help you find a new home :)

Since we don’t work with large enterprise clients,

or as a “bolted-on” development team for larger tech startups,

you get our full attention.

You get to take advantage of our step-by-step development and launch system exclusively designed for early-stage startups with a non-technical founding team.

This means that you can rest easy and focus your valuable time and energy on more important things.

Your Team Leaders

One From Zero is Founded by the wife and husband team of Melissa and Todd Wahnish.

Melissa Wahnish

Melissa is a professional Comedic Actress turned Hacker. Yup, you read that right :)

Besides Co-Founding One from Zero, Melissa is the Founder of and Co-Organizer of the Ruby Roundtable.

With over 1,600 active New York based Ruby developers as members, the Ruby Roundtable is the longest running Ruby meetup group in NYC.

Ruby Thursday is a rapidly growing Rails tutorial site dedicated to helping Jr and Intermediate Rails developers improve their skills.

Todd Wahnish

Art Entrepreneur and a maker of small art things, Todd is a Multi-Award Winning Product Designer, Animator & Artist.

His Awards include a New York Design Award for (a site he Co-Founded with his wife, Melissa), 10 BDA Awards, a Telly Award, and a MTV Music Video Award Nomination.

So...where are you exactly?

Right now, you may have some crazy idea in your head...

It makes it hard to think about anything else, doesn't it?

It might exist on some napkins, or a few scrap sheets of paper.

Maybe you've even taken it a step further and created a few mockups in Photoshop.

When you tell friends and family about it, they just serve you a supportive nod.

You know they don't really "get it" though.

It's up to you to prove to yourself and to others that you can make this thing happen.

So let us ask you…

If your idea was up and running now, how much could your business earn?

How fast could you earn it?

How much would it be worth for you to have your business idea out there in the world? 

Right now.

Stake your claim. Invest in yourself.

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